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Candidates Aged Over 60 Suggested Too Old for Witness and Victim Protection Agency

Tuesday, 08 July, 2008 | 17:46 WIB
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Fit and proper testing for
members of the Witness and Victim Protection Agency started
yesterday (7/7). Spokesperson of the Coalition for Witness
Protection, Emerson Yuntho, requested the House of
Representatives (DPR) to consider not accepting candidates
aged more than 60.
“We cannot let them use this agency as a place for their old
days,” he said.
He explained that the selected members will have to work hard
and will need a lot of energy.
Therefore, members should have good health and be
Emerson said that six out of the 14 candidates were aged 60 or
They are Sugiyanto Andreas (60), Yoostha Silalahi (61),
Ruswiati Suryasaputra (64), Muh Yahya Sibe (62), Sindhu
Krishno (62), and Supardi (64).
The Coalition for Victim Protection is a combination of nongovernmental
organizations monitoring recruitment for the
Witness and Victim Protection Agency.
The coalition includes the Indonesia Corruption Watch, the
Public Study and Advocacy Institute, the Indonesian Legal Aid
Institution Foundation and the Indonesian Center for Legal and
Policy Studies.
Aziz Syamsudin, Deputy Chairman of The DPR Legal
Commission, said they would consider candidates aged above
“Age will be one of our considerations,” he said.
Aziz explained that candidates for the Witness and Victim
Protection Agency will be selected by the government.
“However, it is possible for the DPR to disagree,” he said.
The testing will be held until Wednesday.
The six candidates tested today were Abdul Haris Semendawai,
Ahmad Taufik, I Ktut Sudiharsa, La Ode Ronald Firman, Lies
Sulistiani, and Lili Pintauli.
During the testing, Abdul Haris Semendawai said that
witnesses and victims should have maximum protection.
“This agency should be committed to protecting the rights of
witnesses and victims,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Taufik said that protection was absolutely
essential so that witnesses and victim would feel safe in giving
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